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Eyelid – Pterygium Treatment

The pterygium, which is called as “Bird Wing” among the people and “Little Wing” in the Greek language is an eye disease. It occurs as result of the outermost layer of the eyes’ abnormally thickening and enlarging the vein and connective tissue in the conjunctival membrane layer covering the sclera, which is the white layer of the eye. 

This problem, which occurs in the part of the eye that is close to the nose, may even cause permanent vision loss if it progresses enough. The solution is to have surgical operation. 

What are the symptoms of Pterygium? 

-Causing stinging in the eyes

-Having intense itching

-Having difficulty looking into the light 

-Changing numbers of glasses if they are used

-Having redness in the eyes after bath

For a full diagnosis doctor’s examination is necessary. 

How is Pterygium treated

Firstly, a detailed eye screening is done out by a doctor. The location and the structure of the disease are clearly determined. When the patient is ready for the operation, treatment process is started. 

One of the biggest goals of the surgery is to prevent relapsing of the disease. For this reason, a method which is called as grafted pterygium excision is used. 

In this method, the eye is anesthetized with drop anesthesia and the existing fibroblastic tissue is cleaned.

After the cleaning process is completed, the autograft tissue under the eyelid is taken to reduce the risk of relapse of the disease and the process is completed by grafting there.

Surgery can be carried out 2 or 3 times in different operations. The number of the sessions and the details of the treatment are determined by doctor based on the examinations. 

How long Pterygium operation last?

This operation, which is repeated more than once, lasts about 30 minutes. 

When will recovery start after Pterygium surgery? 

After surgery drop and drug treatment will continue. The process is completed after 6-12 months, but the controls are made regularly.

At this stage, patient should protect himself/herself from the sun rays and stay away from dusty environment. And to prevent eye dryness, drops should be used.

What should I do to get Pterygium treatment?

If you have Pterygium problem, we are at your side with our contracted specialist doctors. 

With the operations of Turkey’s best eye surgeons, you will get best treatment for your problem. 

All you have to do is contact us through the method which is most suitable for you.

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