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Injectable filler is a simple aesthetic method that is applied to eliminate the wrinkles and lines on the face and create fuller lips and breasts. 

As it is a fast and effective process, fillers became widely preferred method. 

What is the difference between Fillers and Botox? 

Typically, the outermost areas of the facial region are treated with botox. To remove the wrinkles and lines, fillers are applied to areas deep under the skin.

What is the effect of Fillers? 

Depending on the application area and injections, the fillers’ effects change. Each filler product type has a unique composition, and these variations have unique outcomes.

Fillers containing hyaluronic acid:

One of the fillers that is most frequently utilized is hyaluronic acid. One of the reasons it is frequently selected is because it rarely causes negative effects. When the technique is repeated, it helps to provide natural losses in wrinkles and lines. Its effect lasts between four months and a year.

Fillers containing synthetic material:

These are laboratory fillers that are produced from the synthetic materials which are not available in the body. Because of staying in the body longer than the other fillers, it has longer effect. However, because they contain artificial substances, they are more prone to have negative side effects. It is crucial that a qualified medical professional administer it.

Fillers with collagen materials:

Animal collagen components, primarily from cows, are used in the production of these fillers. It can induce allergic responses because it is made of animal products. The necessary testing should be carried out prior to the application to avoid this problem. Compared to other filler types, it takes less time to take effect. Synthetic collagen products are now being produced as an alternative to animal collagen products. However, of all filler forms, treatments performed with synthetic collagen products have the quickest impact times.

Autologous fillers: 

Autologous fillers are substances that have been extracted from the body of the patient undergoing the operation and modified in a lab. Due to the utilization of the patient’s own fat in the injection, it  has rather long-lasting effects. The application region is injected with specific cell structures that are taken from various body locations. Even if it is carried out in two steps, the entire application can be accomplished in a single day. Its effects extend between 12 and 18 months.

Do fillers have side effects? 

Depending on the chemical utilized, different side effects can occur following filler application. Redness, swelling, and mild edema, however, are the most frequent negative effects. The therapeutic techniques used by the experts treat these symptoms.

How long does the filling process take?

Although it varies depending on the type of the process, filling process is generally completed in 30 minutes.

How are Lip Fillers administered? 

To make the lips appear larger, lip fillers are used. Local anesthetic is applied beforehand, and the procedure takes five minutes to complete. Then fillers made of hyaluronic acid are injected. Ice therapy is used to ensure that the filler is disseminated evenly once the injection procedure is finished.

How are Breast Fillers administered?

It is a temporary and nonsurgical solution for women who want to have fuller breasts. The effect of the filler that is applied to this area varies depending on the material used. 

What should I do to have Filling Treatment?

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