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What is Lip Lift?

People who have thin upper lifts and are unhappy about this can have a lip lift procedure. This treatment, which involves a surgical procedure, takes about 45 minutes.

How is Lip Lift administered? 

First and foremost, a doctor’s examination takes place before any surgery is performed on a patient who are not happy with the appearance of their lips. It is determined if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure after reviewing the patient’s blood test results. If the patient is suitable, the ideal lip shape and physical form are planned.

Small incisions are made directly under the nose during this local anesthetic surgery. It is sutured again once enough tissue has been removed to assist in elevating the lip.

For a period of 1-2 hours, the patient is under close monitoring and under supervision.

Lip lift is a procedure that is popular among both men and women.

Will there be any scars after Lip Lift operation? 

Although there may be slight redness on the operated area for one to two months, this slight redness will eventually go away and is not long-lasting. After a week, the stitches start to heal.

Does Lip Lift operation have a permanent effect? 

There is a lasting impact, yes. Once the proper lip shape is achieved, the operation need not be repeated.

What should I do to get Lip Lift operation?  

You can now get in touch with us if you wish to have your lips in their perfect form. With the aid of skilled and trained medical professionals at every stage of your treatment, you will have the appearance of your dreams and feel confident.

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