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Aesthetic Smile Design

Aesthetic Smile Design

Aesthetic Smile Design

It is evident that how we look and smile affects the worth of our lives. People with lovely smiles are more confident in their lives. Because of heredity or health issues, a person’s smile may not be adequately suited with his or her face in some situations. “Smile Design” is commonly used to alleviate this problem.

What is Aesthetic Smile Design? 

Smile Design is the technique of harmonizing the appearance of the lips, jaw, and teeth with the appearance of the face and jaw lines.

The application of this process varies depending on the problems in the mouth and dental structures. Based on the results of the examinations, each patient receives a one-of-a-kind treatment.

Technology plays an important role in this treatment, which is also known as Digital Dentistry. It is a practical procedure that is accomplished on a computer before being applied to a patient.

How is the design process?

A specialist dentist performs preliminary analyses to evaluate the patient’s condition and then develops the best treatment plan for the patient. First, the problematic parts are identified.

The major goal is to keep the mouth and teeth healthy. The Smile Design procedure begins after the defects are corrected with various applications.

Planning is carried out in accordance with the plan developed by the professional dentist, and each stage is communicated to the patient. These stages are as follows:

- Changing the length of teeth based on their structure

- Fixing split teeth with the help of bonding and orthodontic applications

- Applying periodontology applications in order to eliminate gum diseases and gum disorders

- If the patient is dissatisfied with the color of his or her teeth, a whitening operation based on the shape of the mouth and face may be performed

- Applying laminated, zirconium or porcelain coating

- Making orthodontic application for crooked teeth

- Choosing aesthetic filling or endodontic treatment for broken or decayed teeth

The treatments indicated above are dictated by the structure of each patient’s mouth and teeth.

What are the stages of Aesthetic Smile Design? 

The process of having a beautiful smile starts with a dentist’s diagnosis to determine the condition and continues with planning.

Digital Dentistry plays a significant role in here. Generally, a path with 3 steps is followed.

Step 1:

- Inside of the mouth is scanned with 3D methods and transferred to the digital environment. 

- With photographs taken from every angle, the condition of the smile is examined in detail

- Patient is informed about how it progresses.

- With the help of 3Shape program first smile structure of the patient is designed in digital environment and shared with the patient. As a consequence of the patient and doctor’s collaborative evaluation, joint decisions are made, and a new stage is initiated.

Step 2:

- A healing process is applied to the detected decayed or broken teeth.

- Orthodontic, filling, canal and gingival treatments are performed to solve all the problems that threaten dental health.

- After these applications are completed, digital teeth measurement with 3D scan is taken again

- Temporary teeth are attached to the mouth. 

Step 3:

- Temporarily, dental veneers produced based on digital measurements are attached to the patient for rehearsal purposes.

 - If the patient has approved the test and there is no problem, the permanent application process is started.

 - Smile design is completed with permanent applications and detailed care information is given to the patient.

All the above processes vary depending on the condition of the patients. In general, the smile design process is accomplished in 3 steps. However, depending on the patients’ unique circumstances, the number of steps in the process may grow.

Why are digital systems used? 

Previously, materials like paste were employed to measure the mouth and teeth, but they caused sickness or disgust in the patients. New digital systems make it possible to take actual measurements of patients’ mouths and teeth and convert them to a digital environment.

As a result, the operations for the prosthesis and other extensive exams can be completed more quickly and in a healthier manner.

How many sessions does Aesthetic Smile Design take? 

Even though the length of the sessions vary based on the patient’s condition, it is usually finished in three sessions. It is finished quickly because of the digital dentistry application.

How many days are there between Digital Smile Sessions? 

After digital mouth and tooth measurements are acquired, the patient’s face features, including all aspects such as nose, chin, and ear structure, are considered. In 3-5 days, the first smiling model will be ready. The second appointment day is given to the patient in advance, according to the procedure.

Is it possible to change the Aesthetic Smile Design? 

A temporary grin design that has been converted into a digital environment model is tested on the patient. Unwanted things are discovered and corrected using this test. If the difficulties are minor, they can all be solved in the same session. If major modifications are required, the patient is given another appointment day.

How can I get a new smile?

If you need a fresh smile design, please contact us right away. Cura Medical Center’s skilled team will provide you with reliable and privileged care at every stage of your treatment!