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Body Aesthetics

Body Aesthetics

The body can become deformed and disordered for a variety of reasons, or there can be some regions where it would be desirable to improve the aesthetic appeal. These issues, which can affect practically every portion of the body, have a variety of therapeutic options. These procedures for cosmetic surgery are categorized under the following 6 categories:


For aesthetic reasons as well as potential health risks, it may be desirable to get rid of excess fat that has accumulated in the arms, legs, belly, and neck areas. Liposuction is the first treatment that could be used in this situation. It involves the surgical excision of extra body fat. It is a therapeutic approach that both women and men frequently favor because it guarantees clear outcomes.

How does the liposuction process take place?

The cosmetic surgeon analyzes every aspect of the patient’s health, determines which type of application should be made to which location in accordance with the patient’s requirements, and then initiates the procedure. Anesthesia is applied according to the patient’s needs and the size of the surgery. The technique of the surgery is also shaped by the doctor’s decision.

When does recovery occur after liposuction surgery? 

There may be bruises and minor pain after the surgery. However, these are easily resolved with the use of medication. In addition, the patient can be discharged immediately. In 4-5 days, the patient can return to normal life in a controlled way. Stitches are removed after 1 week. In approximately 6-9 months, the body takes the desired shape.

Is liposuction surgery for weight loss?

Liposuction is performed to remove excess fat from the body, but it is not a slimming tool.

Who can have liposuction? 

It can be applied to anyone over the age of 18. However, the doctor makes the decision of whether to apply the operation.

2-Abdominal Stretching

Sagging may develop in the abdomen over time. Abdominoplasty surgery can address this abdominal sagging, which affects both men and women frequently. The most common and favored advanced aesthetic procedure is an abdominoplasty, which reduces extra body fat, softens the abdominal area, tightens loose skin, eliminates unfavorable conditions in the belly area, and tightens the abdomen.

How is abdominoplasty done? 

First of all, an in-depth examination is made by the doctor. The patient’s health condition is examined and a plan is created accordingly. The most appropriate technique is determined as a result of medical examinations. Abdominoplasty is not a weight loss surgery but it is a tightening method. For this reason, it is more appropriate to perform this surgery after getting rid of excess weight and if there is a pregnancy situation or if you will be a mother in the future. 

Does abdominoplasty surgery leave scars? 

There will be a scar remaining under the underwear area following the procedure. But this eventually goes away after a year or so.

Are stretch marks removed by abdominoplasty? 

Yes, the most effective solution to get rid of stretch marks in the body is abdominoplasty.

3-Brazilian Butt Lift

Particularly recently, there has been an upsurge in demand for hip aesthetic surgery because it is a key component of an ideal body shape. Patients with more rounded, fuller, and upright hips can benefit from the “Brazilian Butt Lift” procedure. Recently, people have commonly selected this method because it produces good outcomes.

How is Brazilian butt lift operation administered?

Butt lift operation begins with a detailed examination of the patient’s health status. If the results of the examination are suitable for the operation; a special treatment plan is made in line with the patient’s demands and structural condition, and then the operation stage is started. There are two methods used for this surgery. The first is silicone, and the second is the oil injection method. The doctor chooses which of these approaches to use based on the patient’s preferences and suitability.

Can thin people also have Brazilian butt lift surgery? 

The butt can be enlarged with silicone filling. However, body measurements and the proportion of the butt to be made are very important here. Because a big butt may not look harmonious and aesthetic on a very thin body. 

Will there be any scars after Brazilian butt lift surgery?

There is no sign left behind after silicone filling or oil injection. Surgical scars that developed following the silicone filling procedure also fade with time.

Who is not suitable for a Brazilian butt lift surgery?

It cannot be applied to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or to patients with heart, lung, diabetes, blood pressure and other chronic diseases.

4-Arm Lift 

An arm lift is a procedure used to treat drooping in the arms of overweight patients who have undergone rapid weight loss or weight loss surgery. Anyone who wishes to enhance the appearance of their arm might use this surgical beauty procedure.

The following is caused by sagging folds on the arm:

 - Lack of comfort due to appearance,

 - Inflammation and rashes, 

 - Cleaning and care problems, 

 - Situations such as lack of self-confidence are observed. 

How is arm lift surgery administered?

With a detailed examination, the general condition of the patient is analyzed and the patient’s suitability for surgery is determined. Then the surgical process begins. In arm lift surgery, which starts with general anesthesia, an incision is made in the back of the arm. By entering from here, excess tissues are taken and necessary interventions are made. The incision is then closed with sutures. The first step is taken for a smooth and non-sagging arm. 

Does arm lift surgery damage the muscles?

Arm lift surgery does not have any effect on the muscles. 

Will there be any scars after arm lift surgery?

 A slight scar remains after the surgery. However, this disappears over time by taking the natural skin color. 

Can arm lift surgery be repeated? 

Yes, there is no having the procedure again in the future.

5-Thigh Lift 

In the phases of weight gain and loss, sagging occurs in the legs. These sagging, especially in the inner part of the leg, that is, in the thigh region, can have negative consequences both in terms of appearance and health. This situation, which can cause great problems especially in women, can be corrected with thigh stretching surgery. 

How is thigh lift surgery performed?

For this surgery performed on the inside of the leg, a doctor’s examination is required first. The general health status of the patient is evaluated in this examination. In this direction, the most appropriate planning is made and the process is carried out. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the excess tissues in the thigh are cleaned. Then the process is completed and the sutures are removed.

 Who can have thigh surgery?

- It can be done in people who have completed the development of bone structure and skin tissue.

- It can be applied to patients who have problems such as cellulite and sagging. 

When to return to normal life after thigh surgery?

After about a week, the patient can return to normal life. 

Can thigh surgery be done while losing weight? 

It is recommended to have it done after losing weight, when full body measurements are more precise.

6-Six Pack Surgery 

A six-pack is a technique used to highlight the abdominal muscles, which is primarily desired by men. Anyone who desires to have a youthful, vibrant, and stunning physical appearance can undergo this operation. With this plastic surgery, the six packs that may be seen by engaging in sports for an extended period of time become more obvious.

How is Six Pack surgery administered?

First of all, after the doctor’s examination, a plan is drawn up. The fat in the body is determined and the actions to be taken in this direction are shaped. If there is excessive fat in the chest and abdomen, they are removed by gynecomastia and liposuction methods. Then, the muscles in the abdominal region are designed and a clarification operation is performed. After that, the process is terminated. 

How long does Six Pack surgery take? 

It has a timeline that is shaped by the operations that need to be performed. However, it usually takes an hour to complete.

Do Six Packs become obvious immediately

After surgery, the prominence of the muscles is instantly apparent. However, after 10 months, the condition becomes the most visible.

Do muscles deteriorate after Six Pack surgery? 

If you do not exercise and follow a good diet, muscle loss may occur. It is necessary to strictly follow the doctor’s advice to avoid muscle deterioration.

Does Six Pack surgery leave any scars? 

Since the process is carried out using small robotic arms, there is no scarring. Any slight traces of intervention will also disappear over time.

Does Six Pack surgery cause pain? 

It is a pain free operation, except for the mild aching expected after the operation. Medications will help relieve such pain. 

What should I do to have body aesthetics? 

You can get in touch with us right now to acquire a gorgeous and healthy body. We communicate with our contracted hospitals and our specialist doctors in body aesthetics branches and start your processes.