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Breast Aesthetics

Breast Aesthetics

Breast Aesthetics

People can modify various aspects of their bodies using advanced medical technologies. Women, in particular, like breast aesthetics procedures.

Breast aesthetics is applied by evaluating the demands and structural conditions of the patients with different purposes and methods of application.

Breast Augmentation Operation 

Breast augmentation is a medical procedure that enables women to increase the volume of their breasts. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Patients who have tiny breasts, in particular, prefer this procedure. This condition, which can have a detrimental impact on psychology and aesthetic anxiety, develops a good image in the patient after a remedy is found.

How is Breast Augmentation Operation administered?

A preliminary interview is conducted prior to the breast augmentation operation to assess the patient’s suitability for the procedure and to transfer the desired breast size and picture to the doctor. The process to be done in the digital environment is devised and presented to the patient in light of the patient’s requirements. After the patient and doctor agree on the generated design, the procedure’s application phase begins.

How long does recovery take after Breast Augmentation Operation? 

Breast Augmentation Operation usually results in a speedy recovery. For many people, pain is reduced to a bare minimum within 7 days, and full recovery takes 5-6 weeks on average.

Will be there any pain after Breast Augmentation Operation? 

Following the operation, you may experience mild to moderate pain. The medicines used to treat this discomfort can help to control the pain. To achieve healthy outcomes, it is advised to utilize medications under the supervision of a doctor.

How long does Breast Augmentation Operation last? 

Although it varies depending on the operation, it usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours.

What age is suitable for Breast Augmentation Operation? 

It is a surgery that can be performed once breast growth is complete.

Do the breasts look natural after surgery?

Yes, the surgery provides a natural look. However, this is only possible by selecting and sizing the silicone material to be used in the surgery in accordance with the body.

Breast Reduction Operation

This disorder, also known as breast hypertrophy, is characterized as an increase in breast volume caused by the patient’s morphology. This extra volume results in sagging breasts and an unappealing asymmetry. Furthermore, it makes it difficult to participate in sports, dress, and in many other aspects of life, resulting in a deterioration in quality of life.

In order to correct this situation, breast reduction operation is applied. This operation is a surgical intervention and is performed by specialist doctors in equipped operating room environments.

How Breast Reduction Operation is is administered? 

For patients who have a large breast complaint, first of all, an examination is performed. Their wishes are listened to and the desired dimensions are determined. An ideal decision is reached as a result of the recommendations of the doctor. Excess fat and skin determined during the surgery are removed. There is no damage to the milk ducts and other functions of the breast.

What age is suitable for Breast Reduction Operation? 

It is a surgery that can be performed after breast growth is complete. It is advised for patients between the ages of 18 and 20.

What are the reasons for Breast Reduction Operation? 

- This surgery is performed for reasons such as;

- Uncomfortable appearance,

- Back and waist pains that occur over time, 

- Redness and soreness beneath the breast,

- Excessive sweating due to excess volume, 

- Swelling and pain in the shoulders, 

- Weight appearing to be heavier than it actually is.

How much are the breasts reduced?

This is decided by the doctor based on a study of the patient’s expectations and physical measurements.

Breast Lift Operation 

The breasts are an important aspect of a woman’s body shape. These parts may move away from their ideal form over time due to reasons such as pregnancy, excess weight, genetic factors, menopause and aging. To correct this, breast lift surgery is performed. 

At the end of this operation, the breasts gain a full, tight and ideal appearance.

How is Breast Lift Operation administered?

Breast lift, like any other breast operation, begins with a thorough examination of the breasts. The health of the chest area is determined in these analyses. It is assessed whether the person is suitable for a breast lift based on this determined condition.

If the conditions are favorable, the breast lift procedure is initiated. The doctor selects which procedure will be used here. Depending on the nature of the breasts, silicone support can be utilized in this surgery, which is conducted under general anesthesia, or skin and fat are removed from the bulky breasts and tightening is performed.

Will be there any marks after Breast Lift Operation? 

Any marks that occur after surgery is gradually disappear over time. 

How long does Breast Lift Operation last? 

The operation typically takes 2-3 hours to complete. The technique used in the procedure has an impact on the duration of surgery.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is an abnormally big breast growth that occurs in men for unknown reasons. Surgery can address this predicament, which causes a psychological and social difficulty.

How is Gynecomastia Operation administered? 

The doctor first performs a thorough examination. This examination determines the reason of the breast growth. Following that, a plan is developed, and the procedure begins.

The operation results in the patient achieving the appropriate breast size. It is advised to wear a corset for a period of time following surgery.

What causes Gynecomastia? 

This condition can be caused by a variety of factors. However, hormonal imbalances are widely assumed. This scenario, which begins in the womb of the mother, is dependent on the hormone estrogen. Breast augmentation occurs when estrogen is released more than testosterone. It can be noticed in children and adolescents, as well as in individuals over the age of 50.

How to get Breast Aesthetics?

We are here to help you with all of the adjustments you wish to make to your breast area, thanks to our contracted specialized doctors. You can contact us right away.