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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implant

Tooth loss can result from damage and decay that has happened in the teeth over time. With the help of cutting-edge medical techniques and technology, tooth loss can be repaired. Dental implant is the process of making a denture which replaces the missing tooth. 

What is Dental Implant? 

Dental implants are screw-like prostheses with titanium compound which are placed inside to jawbone to replace the missing teeth and used to perform the tooth root function. Pre-prepared porcelain teeth are fixed on these prostheses. Thus, the problem of missing teeth will be fixed. 

How does the process of Dental Implant begin? 

Firstly, a dentist carries out a dental examination to make a preliminary assessment. In this process the patient’s teeth is examined in detail. Then, your dentist will decide whether the patient is suitable for a dental implant treatment. If there is a need for other procedures, a dental plan will be drafted tailored for your specific needs.  If the structure of the mouth and jaw is ready for the dental implant treament, the process will begin directly.

How is Dental Implant administered? 

After getting approval from the dentist for dental implant, the first step of the process is creating a socket in the jawbone. Patients won’t experience any discomfort if general or local anaesthetic is administered prior to the procedure. The implant is directly placed to the socket made in the jawbone. It is then closed up with the gum, and then stitches are made using self-melting threads. 

The main function of the implant that is placed here is to serve as a tooth root. For this purpose, it is needed to mend with the jawbone. This mending process can take 2-3 months. he patient’s condition is assessed again after a few months have passed, and if the required healing has taken place, the gum is simply removed.  The mending area is measured and results are noted. On the basis of these findings, the porcelain tooth that is produced is used for initial rehearsals. If every piece of information is consistent with the intended level, a true fixation is produced, and the replacement tooth is put in its place.

The entire procedure described above should be carried out in a careful sequence. The dentist’s advice on medication and dental care should be adhered to strictly.

How long does it take to complete a Dental Implant? 

The time it takes to complete this process varies depending on the patient. This time frame may be shortened or prolonged depending on the mouth opening and the necessary surgical procedure. However, the porcelain tooth repair procedure takes only 20 minutes to complete.

There are several ways to administer dental implant treatment. Depending on how it is used, each approach has a unique operation process and time frame.

What is Guided Implantology? 

In guided implantology, technology is applied efficiently and the process begins with the creation of a design based on a 3D volume tomogram of the patient’s oral structure. The treatment of patients involves the use of this tomogram. The patient is safely fitted with an implant that has been made with the optimal angles, measurements, and locations. By doing so, the possibility of error is decreased, and the process can advance with fewer sessions.

What is Seamless Dental Implant?

If the patient’s oral and bone structures are sound, healthy, and acceptable for the procedure, this implant technique can be used without the need for stitches or gum trimming.

The procedure involves creating a slot in the jawbone and inserting the implant. Since no extensive surgery is required, this procedure yields quick results with minimal discomfort and edema.

What is the Fast & Fixed – Implant Treatment in 1 Day- method?

If the back of the jaw has strong bones, the Fast & Fixed method can be used to perform a rapid implant procedure.

With the aid of contemporary implantology, patients can begin their treatment right away and receive their replacement teeth.

The patient can continue their social life even though they have a prosthetic tooth thanks to this treatment, which prevents tooth loss. Dentures are typically fastened to the lower jaw in 3 weeks and the upper jaw in 5 weeks, respectively, to ensure stability and durability.

It is important to carefully assess whether the mouth and jaw structure is appropriate for this type of treatment.

This procedure needs adequate bone structure in the jaw’s gap area where the molar teeth are located in order to be used.

- If a tooth needs to be extracted, a thorough laser cleaning procedure should be performed right away.

- Patients need to practice good oral hygiene.

- The clinic where the procedure is performed needs to have the necessary lab and equipment.

How long does it take to heal after implant treatment?

Each patient experiences post-treatment healing at a different timeline. Patients with typical jaw bone structure should expect it to take 3-5 months, but those with soft and sensitive bone structure may need up to 5-6 months. This time frame represents the length of time needed for the implant and bone to fuse. After this time, teeth are positioned, and eating and drinking habits are carefully maintained.

Patients can continue their daily activities while the healing takes place either with dentures or without teeth.

Will there be any pain and facial swelling after Dental Implant? 

There may be tingling and slight swelling just after the implant is placed. These sensations and swelling will be less if the Fast & Fixed technique is used. The swelling-related pain can be reduced with ice therapy.

The primary influencing factor in this case is the preferred treatment strategy.

Can the implants be applied to the patients who have removable dentals? 

If the patient’s bone structure is suitable for the implant, surgery is performed, and the patient will have fixed teeth. If the bone structure is unsuitable, a bone augmentation procedure is first performed, and subsequently implant therapy is begun.

Patients who desire to improve their quality of life can do so by getting rid of their painful dentures.

Are Dental Implants long-lasting?

It is impossible to pinpoint a certain time period because it varies depending on the operation, usage, and care. Depending on how it is used, the implant treatment has varying degrees of quality. The therapy will be effective for a long time if the doctors are adequately trained and equipped and the patients adhere to the advised care instructors diligently. Following therapy, it is advised that patients visit their doctor on a regular basis for controls.

Is there an age restriction in implant treatment? 

Implant treatment can be applied to any who has completed their jaw development. Although there is no clear restriction, implant treatment can be carried out after the age of 15-16 in women and 16-17 in men. 

Can implant treatment be applied if there is no tooth left? 

The operation can be done if the bone structure is appropriate for the implant. With 4-6 implants in the lower jaw and 6–8 implants in the upper jaw, the patient can have a comfortable mouth structure.

What should I do to have Dental Implant? 

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