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Emax Dental Veneers

Emax Dental Veneers

The way our teeth look has an impact on how we communicate in our daily, professional, and social lives. We should take excellent care of our teeth and smile, which are sort of our identities. Through a variety of techniques, advanced technology enables patients to have more attractive smiles. Emax Dental Veneers is one of these techniques.

What are Emax Dental Veneers? 

Emax dental veneers are also known as; full porcelain and full ceramic treatments. For emax dental veneers, a dental aesthetic product with a crystal ceramic core that is compressed with pressure and mostly in a full porcelain structure is used. Different methods are applied to this material thus it provides aesthetically beautiful teeth with perfect color transitions and structure. It is commonly preferred because of that it transmits the light the best and the most similar to the natural teeth among other dental veneers. 

How are Emax Dental Veneers administered?

First, all oral data are measured and photographed for this procedure, which is typically used on patients who have come in for a cosmetic smile design treatment.

An aesthetic dentist creates a smile design in a digital environment and presents it to the patient. Full ceramic dental items are prepared after finishing the last touches depending on patient feedback on color, form, and size.

Demos created throughout this process enable the patient and the doctor to view and assess the finished product in the mouth. After completing this process and making a decision, bonding process is started.

These veneers that are created for the patient specifically are applied to the teeth without placing a layer under them and using a special adhesive. Emax products help to achieve an organic appearance for the teeth by transmitting light. Therefore, the outcomes satisfy the patients who want to have a natural, healthy, and attractive smile.

How long does Emax Dental Veneers process take? 

The measurements, tests, and application time for the Emax dental veneers technique, which is a quick-fix method, take a total of 4 to 7 days to complete.

How durable are Emax Dental Veneers?

Emax, a unique dental aesthetic solution, is a solid and long-lasting coating material. Given how closely its structure resembles that of natural teeth, it also exhibits the sensitivity of natural teeth. As a result, emax and all other dental veneers must be guarded against collisions and other potentially dangerous objects like natural teeth.

What is the difference between Emax and Zirconium Veneers?  

With treatments like bonding in the structure of the teeth with cavities, zirconium veneers are chosen.

Emax, on the other hand, is more suited for procedures with an aesthetic focus.

The dentist analyzes each patient’s situation to determine the best procedure.

What are the important features of the Emax Dental Veneers? 

- It has a wide color scale that can adapt to skin color and the mouth and tooth structure of each patient.

- It is the most preferred method in single tooth veneer application.

- There are three different kinds of transparency features, and the patient receives the specified feature. This allows the veneers to mimic the color of the underlying tooth, if desired, or to cover up an unsightly tooth color.

- This technique fixes veneers more firmly and securely than other methods.

- It has a shiny and smooth structure.

- There is no tartar or leftover buildup on the teeth.

- There is no unfavorable color change over time.

What should I do to get Emax Dental Veneers?

Contact us right now if you want to have the gorgeous, healthy smile you’ve always dreamed of thanks to Emax Dental Veneers! With the help of its skilled staff, Cura Medical Center will provide you with a trustworthy and privileged service during every step of your treatment!