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Laminate Veneers

Laminate Veneers

One of the most important factors influencing the image is appearance. However, tooth yellowing and staining can arise as a result of eating habits, structural abnormalities, and health issues. This circumstance has a bad impact on people’s image.

Laminate veneers will be an effective solution to this problem.

What are Laminate Veneers?  

Laminate veneers are porcelain leaves glued to the front of the teeth. The anterior is thinned by 0.3-0.7 mm before to the connecting operation. After that, porcelain leaves are attached to the glued places.

How to apply Laminate Veneers?

In the first examination, the patient’s oral health is evaluated, and if it is suitable for laminate veneers, the procedure is initiated. First, the measurements for the mouth and teeth are taken, and then a smile design is developed in the digital environment and shown to the patient. The patient decides on the color and form of laminate.

Porcelain leaves are manufactured in accordance with this choice. During this session-based procedure, the frontal side of the teeth is thinned initially, and then manufactured porcelain leaves are affixed to the teeth.

How long does the process of Laminate Veneers take? 

Following certain examinations, the process is completed in 7-10 days with 3 or more sessions depending on the patient’s condition.

To whom can Laminate Veneers be applied? 

Anyone who has bad teeth appearance and desire to change his/her smile can get Laminate Veneers. Especially;

- Those with split teeth

- Those who have bad color fillings on their teeth

- Those with broken frontal teeth due to an accident

- Those who have had their teeth worn down over time

Who cannot have Laminate Veneers?

Laminate Veneers can only be applied if your oral health is in good shape. First, the issues indicated below must be addressed;

- Weak dentition,

- Teeth clenching (Bruxism) 

- Defects in the jaw structure

- Results of bad habits such as pen and nail biting

- Advanced gum disorders

What is the lifespan of the Laminate Veneers?

The treatment’s longevity is determined by how it is applied, used, and cared for. Attached leaves should be applied appropriately and cared for tenderly if they are to be used for many years.

Are Laminate Veneers durable

Yes, they have a durable and long lasting structure. Patients can keep using their teeth as they used to before the procedure.

Is there a possibility that Laminate Veneers fall after the affixation? 

It’s a remote probability. This technology uses innovative bonding methods to securely attach leaves. The doctor must use the greatest techniques, and the patient must maintain their teeth on a regular basis.

A different laminate veneers method: No-Prep Application

Unlike conventional veneers, it is put directly to the teeth without abrasion. It is a quick and easy application that does not require any dental intervention. This veneer is used in the same way as laminate veneers; it is long-lasting and healthy.

How can I get Laminate Veneers? 

If you long for the healthy and attractive smile you’ve always wanted with Laminate Dental Veneers, please contact us right away!