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Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium Crowns

Sometimes people require dental aesthetic improvements to enhance their smiles. One of these treatments is zirconium dental veneers.

What is Zirconium Dental Crowns?

It is the most durable dental veneer and is produced with a material which is called as Zirconium. Its appearance is very similar to the appearance of natural teeth. It is also highly resistant to impact and heat. 

Zirconium, a material that is widely chosen for dental veneers, is specifically used on the delicate oral structures.

How is Zirconium Dental Crowns applied?

First of all, the dentist examines the patient’s oral structure, analyzes dental health and creates a plan.

If there is a problem in the oral structure that may prevent tooth veneers, these problems are treated first. Then, the smile design part begins. Here, a design is extracted from the data transferred to the digital environment and temporary veneers are created. 

Before the permanent application, tests are made and a veneers model is produced with the exact features that the patient desires. 

Abrasion processes are carried out on the teeth to which the veneer will be applied until the selected model is produced. These processes differ from other veneers methods; more abrasion than laminate, less abrasion than full ceramic veneers are made. The produced zirconium is applied to the patient’s teeth and the process is completed.

How long does the Zirconium Dental Crowns process take

Even though the process varies from patient to patient, the Zirconium treatment takes roughly 4-7 days to complete. Here, the patient’s dental health is important.

What are the features of Zirconium Dental Crowns? 

- It has light transmittance and an aesthetic appearance. 

- Patient’s request can be adapted to the color. 

- It is preferred for people with metal allergies. 

- It does not have a negative effect on oral and dental health. 

- It gives the opportunity to work thinner than other metal-supported applications. 

- It is used to add an aesthetic appearance to split and crooked teeth. 

- It is resistant to impacts. 

Who is a candidate for Zirconium Dental Crowns? 

Who is a candidate for zirconium dental veneers is determined by the dentist. In order to do this, the relevant studies are performed, and a planning is then developed based on these findings. Patients with delicate dental health are strongly encouraged to use it. Additionally, it is a wonderful substitute for those who are allergic to metal.

Will there be any pain after application of Zirconium Dental Crowns?

All procedures involve the use of anesthesia, which guarantees the procedure’s lack of pain. However, little discomfort following the treatment is possible; in this instance, the doctor’s prescribed painkillers will work well.

Do Zirconium Crowns discolor? How should it be maintained??

No coloration occurs over time. The after-operation sensitivity to dental health ensures that the procedure can be utilized for a long period with the initial qualities.

What is the new method Monolithic Zirconium Dental Crowns?

This is a single-piece model with applied zirconium veneers. It is carefully colored without having any porcelain placed on top of it and applied to teeth. This is a good approach particularly for individuals with long bridges, clenching, and worn teeth.

Thanks to its structure and features, it has a very durable and aesthetic appearance. Since it is applied in one piece, it also eliminates many stages. It is a process that is completed in approximately 2 sessions. 

The most distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other zirconium dental crowns is that it is applied in blocks. It is a dental veneer process that has been in demand recently because it is very durable and pleases everyone in terms of aesthetic appearance.

What should I do to have Zirconium Dental Crowns?

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